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Services > Drives Operation and Maintenance

Site survey

A site survey carried out by Gibbons provides the foundation for developing a long-term drives maintenance and improvement plan. A survey defines measures to be taken for lowering operational costs, improving productivity, reducing environmental impact and enhancing safety. An energy appraisal is often included in the site survey, which helps identify potential energy savings.

Remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics

Gibbons offer remote monitoring services, making it easy to collect an array of data relating not only to ABB drives but also to process variables such as pressure, temperature and flow rate. Benefits of remote monitoring include: enhanced knowledge of the process and its variations, prevention of potential failures and maximized process uptime.

Preventive maintenance

A variable-speed drive typically performs critical duties in a process or plant. A drive failure can result in loss of production and revenues, and may have serious safety and environmental impacts. Adopting preventive maintenance schedules reduces the risk of failure and increases the lifetime of the drive, thus lowering overall operational costs. Regular predefined preventive maintenance facilitates budgeting.


Gibbons can restore ABB drives to their original condition, with our service including full inspection, thorough cleaning and individual component analysis and replacement. The reconditioned drive undergoes complete testing and comes with a warranty.

Preventive maintenance kits

Drive-specific preventive maintenance kits contain all the genuine spare parts needed to perform a specific task. The number of drive-specific maintenance kits varies from drive to drive and their selection is different depending on the equipment’s age. Maintenance kits are more economical to purchase compared to ordering the spare parts separately.

On-site repair

We carry out on-site repair using the latest diagnostic, repair and testing practices to maximise the ABB drive performance while minimising production or process downtime. All work is carried out by our ABB-authorised service engineers who can also offer advice on the operation and maintenance of the drive so as to help improve machine or process performance. Whenever repair isn’t possible, an exchange unit may be offered which can be an entire reconditioned drive, a drive module or a drive component.

Off-site repair


Our authorised ABB drives service workshop offers component replacement and software upgrades as well as major and emergency repairs. All work is performed by our ABB-authorised personnel in dust-free, electrostatic discharge-protected areas. Before repair, the drives are thoroughly cleaned, and fully tested afterwards. Should a drive repair not be feasible, an exchange unit, if available, will be offered.