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Catch up on all the latest from Gibbons Group and the engineering industry with our regular blog posts covering all our divisions: Electric Motors, Variable-Speed Drives, HVAC Services and more!

Make sure your HVAC frost coils are ready for winter

Don't wait until the freezing weather arrives - have your HVAC frost coils assessed now and enjoy a warm, comfortable winter.

HVAC Services
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Gibbons is the sugar industry expert for electrical and mechanical projects

With a complete package of energy-saving electrical and mechanical products and services, Gibbons is the go-to provider for sugar producers UK wide.

Variable-Speed Drives, Electric Motors, Panel Building, Pumps & Controls, Transmission Systems, Rewinds & Repairs, Drive Hire
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Free assessments and quotes for electric motor rewinds and repairs

Have your electric motor, servo motor, pump, gearbox or other equipment assessed for repair by our experts completely free of charge.

Rewinds & Repairs
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Gibbons becomes ABB authorised value provider for HVAC drives

Find out what our position as an authorised value provider for ABB HVAC drives means for building and facilities managers looking to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ).

HVAC Services, Variable-Speed Drives
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BB101 sets IAQ targets for school buildings

What will the government's new BB101 indoor air quality (IAQ) guidelines mean for UK schools?

HVAC Services, Humidification, Ultraviolet Solutions
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Electrician job in Essex: Gibbons seeks bright spark

If you're a qualified electrician and like the sound of working on a variety of projects across multiple industries, we may have the job for you.

HVAC Services, Humidification, Variable-Speed Drives, Electric Motors, Panel Building, Pumps & Controls, Transmission Systems, Ultraviolet Solutions, Agricultural, Rewinds & Repairs, Drive Hire
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Will a variable-speed drive save me money?

How do you know whether a variable-speed drive will save you money in your electric motor-driven process? Read this essential blog before you buy.

Variable-Speed Drives, Drive Hire
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Where are humidification systems used?

Humidification is an essential part of many buildings' HVAC system - including a few that may surprise you.

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Why our bespoke electric motors are perfect for OEMs

Discover the full range of customisation options for your Gibbons electric motor.

Electric Motors
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Gibbons Agricultural to exhibit at Midlands Machinery Show

Read on for information on our debut appearance at the Midlands Machinery Show, where we'll show our grain pedestal fans and other post-harvest solutions in November.

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