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Are you responsible for the running of AHUs, fans, motors, inverters or pumps?

Are you responsible for the running of AHUs, fans, motors, inverters or pumps?

The reliable and efficient running of fans, AHUs, motors, pumps and inverter drives is not solely down to the maintenance of one component. It is important to make sure there are no 'weak links' in the maintenance chain that could cause costly or inconvenient plant downtime.

For this reason we are increasing our existing range of on-site HVAC maintenance services including condition monitoring, balancing, shaft aligning and laser belt aligning with the addition of thermal imaging. Here’s some background on how this could affect your plant...

What is thermal imaging?

In production plants, office facilities, hospitals or hotels, an infrared camera instantly makes hotspots visible on a clear thermal image. You can scan components and survey multiple cables and connections to get an instant picture of potential trouble.

How does thermal imaging work?

A thermal camera allows us to measure the temperature of any object we are looking at using a non-contact method. A crosshair or an area in the infrared image allows us to measure either the point value or the maximum/minimum value. We can detect the most diverse problems instantaneously for you, which might mean identifying a loose electrical connection or a bearing overheating before it fails.

How will this benefit you?

We aim to detect the problem area and repair it before unplanned plant downtime is incurred.

Want to find out more?

If you wish to discuss this with one of our team please contact our HVAC Services Manager directly by emailing or for more information contact us on 01621 868138. You can also browse our full range of HVAC products and services here.

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