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Are your AHUs set for summer?

Andrew Knight, HVAC Service Manager for Gibbons Engineering Group, asks: Are your AHUs set for summer?

So, the winter’s behind us and summer’s just around the corner. Time to fire up the air conditioning after what seems like an eternally long winter.

But have you considered the health of your air handling unit and the staff for whom it provides fresh, clean, conditioned air?

Gibbons HVAC Services are helping all our customers to make sure their fans and air handling units are in good working order and ready for reliable operation throughout the summer.

We are offering a number of free surveys to assess your AHU condition, opportunities for energy saving and plant upgrade.

  • Often, the AHU structure can be in good order and it is only the components subject to wear that need replacing.
  • Existing AHUs and fans lend themselves well to an upgrade of selected components to achieve significant energy savings.
  • Gibbons offer IE2 and IE3 motors that bring plants up and ahead of modern legislation whilst at the same time achieving reductions in energy.
  • Gibbons supply and install inverter drives to existing motors, fans, pumps and AHUs.
  • Gibbons are proud to be working with E-CO (the UK leader in this solution) to provide a permanently-installed system that continuously cleans right through the cooling coil.
  • Gibbons have a complete range of site services from on-site coil replacement right through to complete AHU refurbishment.

So, are you set for summer? We pose a few questions to make sure your AHUs are ready…

Q. Is your AHU serviced regularly to make sure filters are clean and all the components are operating correctly?
A lack of servicing can mean dirty filters or blocked/bacteria-coated coil faces, resulting in a reduction of fresh clean air to the building's occupants and in turn significant additional energy usage.

Q. Are your AHUs fitted with adequate condensate traps? Does your AHU hold water inside it until the fans are switched off?  
This can be a sign of an incorrectly-sized trap. The pressure in the coil section is holding the water inside the unit, so when the fans switch off, the drain pan is allowed to let go of the condensed water. If the pan has overflowed whilst the fans are running, water can be seen running out of the pan connection and indeed from adjunct door seals.

Q. Are parts/components downstream of the coil corroded or showing signs of water damage?
Corrosion is a sign of water carryover and water damage. Gibbons offer free inspections/dilapidation reports to establish severity and conditions and to identify actions required to return the AHU to good operational order through simple refurbishment, upgrade or replacement.

Q. Could there be significant bacterial/mould growth around the coil section and drain pan?
An incorrectly-maintained AHU can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould. There is a risk that this bacterial growth could contain harmful bugs that can be passed into the airstream. Gibbons are proud to be working with E-CO to provide a permanently-installed UV-C light system that continuously cleans right through the cooling coil. This technology allows us to deliver you cleaner air, free of bacteria and mould.

We hope we have been able to provide some ideas to make sure you have reliable and healthy plant operation this year. If any of the above issues affect your plant please give the Gibbons team a ring on 01621 868138 or call our HVAC Services Manger Andrew Knight directly on 07850 204915.

We can offer technical advice and site surveys on all aspects of your fans and AHUs, from simple routine servicing right through to complete AHU refurbishment. Our HVAC Services team and specialist site engineers would be pleased to assist.

Give us a call to book a 'set for summer' survey for your AHU.

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