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Swimming pool ventilation systems

 Swimming pool ventilation systems

Gibbons Engineering Group offer specialist services in the maintenance, repair and upgrade of existing swimming pool ventilation systems.



Does your facility suffer with:

  • Excessive condensation?
  • Corroded air handling units (AHUs)?
  • High energy bills to run ventilation plant?
  • A lack of knowledge on what the existing system is doing?
  • Exhausting heated air, where heat could be recovered and re-used to reduce energy bills?
  • A lack of service for key parts of the ventilation equipment?

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then let the Gibbons HVAC Services team assist with your swimming pool ventilation system.


  • Initial discussion
  • Surveys of key plant including fans, motors, air handling units, heating and cooling coils, filters and dampers. Assessed using the latest condition based monitoring and thermal imaging.
  • Technical consultation
  • A detailed report including recommendations and energy-saving estimates
  • Turnkey package of works including removal, replacement, overhaul and upgrade.

Our work is supported by our ISO accreditations for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety. We hold ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.

A swimming pool is an aggressive and arduous environment to operate ventilation equipment. Very often there are high levels of corrosion and large amounts of condense water from the higher-than-usual humidity levels. Don't leave the long-term operation of your plant to chance.

For service, maintenance, refurbishment or upgrade of part or all of your swimming pool ventilation systems, please email Andrew Knight at or call 07850 204915. Click here to browse the homepage of our HVAC Services division

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