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Did you know? 10 facts about pumps...

This week we're taking a look into the world of pumps and controls by bringing you 10 facts you may not know about pumps and controls services and how Gibbons fits into the pump industry. 


1. Pumps are the single largest user of electricity in the European  Union, consuming 160 TWh per annum of electricity, accounting for 79 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).


2. Pumps consume around 30% of all the electricity sold to industrial and commercial users in the UK.     


3. About 90% of the life cycle of a pump system goes to energy, so it is important that all aspects of ownership costs are explored, not just initial purchase and installation.    


4. ABB is the world’s largest supplier of drives, with pumps being the single largest application area. 


5. About a quarter of ABB’s drives are used in pumps. 


6. The energy savings from these drives alone amount to an estimated 11 billion kWh per year.


7. Every year, enough ABB drives are installed in pump applications to lift the entire flow of the river Nile by an astonishing 40 metres. 


8. In the UK, ABB sells over £10 million worth of drives to the pump industry each year. 


9. In the water industry the largest application area for pumps, ABB has about 50% market share in the UK.    


10. Gibbons is ABB’s exclusive partner for the East Anglia region, supplying drives to many pump applications. 



For more information on pumps and the services we can provide, visit our divisional page, call us on 01621 868138 or email


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