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How does it work? Gibbons Humidification System

In this post, we take an in-depth view at a Gibbons Humidification System and how it works. We share the benefits, energy savings and design aspects so you can better understand how your system works and what we can do for you. 

The system operates by introducing water into the atomisers, which rotate at high speed. The water passes though the atomisers de-fuser system and leaves as an ultra-fine low impact mist, which evaporates into the passing air.

The system is designed to readily interface with a building management system (BMS) or operate as a stand-alone system. Control inputs and status outputs are provided which make the system easy to install, as a new system or to replace older technology humidifiers.










The controller is mounted on or adjacent to the AHU and the atomisers are mounted on simple supports inside the AHU. The only connections needed between the AHU and the controller is one cable for the atomisers, one cable for the drain valve and one water pipe. 




  • Designed to readily interface with the BMS or stand alone.
  • Control inputs and status outputs are provided which make the system easy to install as a new system or to replace older technology humidifiers.     
  • Controller can be mounted on or adjacent to the AHU and the atomisers mounted on simple supports inside the AHU









Energy saving

  • Each atomiser head requires less than 200 W to operate at full load (50kg/hr per head).
  • System consumes less than 1% of the energy required by an equivalent electric boiler steam system at full load. 
  • If there is a cooling load throughout the winter, the energy that would have been put in by the steam system no longer has to be taken out. 
  • If a steam system has a power consumption of 10kW, replacing it with the Gibbons system reduces the energy consumption to around 1kW>
  • A chiller system with efficiency of 75% would have to remove 99kW less, giving a saving to the running of the chiller of almost 25kW. Total power saving 124kW.
  • For almost all re-circulated air systems, the energy saving will be transferred to the total energy bill crating very large savings. 
  • System gives powerful adiabatic cooling, reducing the load on the chiller systems and saving more money.


Low maintenance costs


  • Controller and atomiser heads are designed to give a fit and forget system. 
  • Large reductions in the maintenance bill can be achieved with the system, ensuring humidification without draining the maintenance budget.


      Highly Accurate


  • System is inherently highly accurate with humidity levels being controlled to =/-1% relative humidity.



To find out more about the humidification systems and services we provide, please contacts our Managing Director of Humidification Steve Rix at or on 07966423165. Alternatively, visit our Humidification page here.



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