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Customer interview: Good service, prompt delivery, high-quality product

Gibbons customer Pacepacker Services recently received the ‘Exporter of the Year’ accolade at the PPMA Group Industry Awards - reinforcing its position as one of the top performing manufacturers in the country. Gibbons supplies a tailor-made gearbox for the company’s award-winning robot palletising equipment. Here Pacepacker Services’ technical director Richard Gladwin answers our questions.


Q. What is special about the gearbox?

A. The Pacepacker motor gearbox is branded with our logo, finished in our corporate colour, marked with our own part number and held in stock for immediate delivery.



Q. Where is the gearbox used?

A. Gearboxes are used on a range of bag handling, pick & place and palletising systems, supplied within the UK and worldwide.



Q. What problems were being experienced with the incumbent supplier?

A. Pacepacker was experiencing delivery problems, rising costs and a lack of flexibility from our existing supplier.



Q. Why did Pacepacker choose Gibbons?

A. Gibbons can supply a high quality and consistent product at a good price, combined with good service and prompt delivery from stock. Since changing to Gibbons six years ago we have not looked back.

They have supplied a high-quality product which has more than matched the quality and reliability of the previous units we were using, but at a much lower cost and with added benefits.

By having units finished in our corporate colour and marked with our company logo and part number, our systems not only look better, but promote a better image to our clients and assist our stock control and after-sales support.

Coupled with immediate delivery from stock and excellent service and support this makes for an unbeatable package in our opinion. 


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