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This neatly sums up the service Gibbons has been providing to its customers for over 20 years. The company’s aim is to help industry and commerce find compelling ways to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions, while improving their productivity. The main focus is on motor-driven applications, mainly pumps, fans and compressors.

The key weapon in this battle is high efficiency motors and variable-speed drives. Using a drive to control motor speeds on pumps, fans and compressors can reduce running costs typically from 20 to 50%. How is this possible?

The relationship between a motor’s speed and the amount of power it uses is not one-to-one. In fact, power varies with the CUBE of the speed. Doubling the speed means increasing the power drawn EIGHT TIMES. It works in reverse, too: reducing the speed by half means reducing the power by a factor of 8.

Yet the take-up of drives and high efficiency motors is still relatively low. Estimates still say that only 10% of the motors out there have a drive fitted. Yet motors are the biggest consumers of electricity.

The help its customers, Gibbons is a founder member of the ABB Drives Alliance – a UK-wide network of technical experts backed by the largest motor and drive maker in the world, ABB. Apart from a vast array of energy-efficient products and services, Gibbons provides a service which, in just half a day, can identify the top motor-driven applications that can benefit from energy saving. Energy savings of between 20 to 50% are not uncommon with payback often within 12 months.

Now might be the best time ever to discover what brands like McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Coutts Banks, Tata Steel, Anglian Water and many others have found out.


“We've added a section to the website on how we can reduce the energy consumption of buildings, plant and processes and reduce the effect they have on our environment -  visit,” explains Matthew Gibbons, Director of Gibbons Group. 


Variable-Speed Drives

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