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The dangers of downtime

Whether your business operates in the manufacturing, production, commercial, industrial or agricultural market, you'll know that unscheduled downtime can have a huge impact on your revenue.

Planned maintenance can be timed to take place when it has the minimum effect on your business – at weekends or during a Christmas shutdown, for instance. But an unexpected breakdown can leave you with a problem that costs you more and more money for every minute it goes unresolved. According to the International Society of Automation, the estimated cost of downtime to a business is between five and 20 per cent of profit at full capacity. Time is money, as they say.

Not only are you paying staff while they aren't working, you're unable to service your customers who may decide to use a competitor and never come back. So it isn't just the immediate problem of your current workload – it's your long-term reputation on the line too.

When you're desperate to have your machinery repaired as soon as possible it's tempting to choose the first firm you come across. However, employing a company that doesn't have the urgency and expertise to put you back on track could delay you even further.

Gibbons Group fully understands how important it is for you to get up and running as soon as possible, which is why we offer a dedicated 24-hour call-out service. Wherever possible we provide emergency same-day or next-day assistance and our mobile team can carry out repairs on site. 44 years of experience means there isn't much we can't tackle when it comes to electro-mechanical equipment such as variable-speed drives, electric motors, HVAC systems, humidifiers, control panels, pumps and transmission systems.

So if the worst does happen then get in touch with Gibbons on 01621 868138 for immediate help.

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