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Gibbons apprenticeships: Passing our expertise on to the next generation

A survey by YouGov, commissioned by BAE Systems and the Royal Academy of Engineering, reveals that attitudes towards apprenticeships have taken a positive leap in recent years.

The poll shows that 46% of UK parents of children aged 11-18 would encourage their offspring to undertake an apprenticeship. More than a quarter agreed that the on-the-job training provided by an apprenticeship is more useful than a university degree. Most tellingly, though, over a third of those asked said they would not have considered an apprenticeship for their child five years ago but now would.

Public attitudes to apprenticeships may have taken time to improve, but Gibbons Engineering Group has been proudly passing down its expertise for decades. We currently have two apprentices learning their trade in our workshop and for many years we’ve been setting young people on their way in engineering.

Lots of our apprentices enjoy working with us so much they remain here long after they’ve served their time. For instance, Contracts Manager Ian Potter began as an apprentice over 30 years ago and Matthew Gibbons, son of Chairman Martin, is into his third decade with us having trained here before working his way up to be a Director and Sales Engineer. So with a Gibbons Group apprenticeship, the sky’s the limit!

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