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HVAC retrofit and refurbishment: Embracing the old and the new

In an age when the cost of repair can sometimes make replacement a more economical option, we think it’s important to seek a middle ground and offer retrofitting and refurbishment when the need arises. Along with addressing general wear and tear, many retrofits are carried out in order to provide substantial energy savings.

Our engineers have developed a comprehensive range of energy calculators that model a building’s air system, making use of Met Office data to give outside air conditions for an entire year. This enables energy consumption to be analysed, comparing the existing system to our own. Should the current system be less efficient than an upgraded one, a retrofit can be undertaken to modify it and improve economy without the need for a complete replacement. Very often, only certain components within, for example, an air handling unit (AHU) are subject to wear and much of the structure can remain in excellent order after years of service.

We’re well aware that working with customers to replace old components and systems to fit modern, energy-efficient products provides an invaluable service. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a vast portfolio of HVAC products, suppliers and industry contacts, allowing us to source parts that would otherwise be very difficult to find, including many specialist energy-saving products for HVAC systems.

Partnerships with providers such as ABB, Lowara, Bonfiglioli and T-T Pumps allow us to call upon worldwide stocks to source replacement or equivalent components. In addition, we’ve recently embarked on exciting partnerships with new, innovative companies that manufacture specialist products for energy saving and cleanliness within HVAC systems, specifically designed for retrofit into existing setups.

We believe offering HVAC retrofit and refurbishment services underlines our commitment to carbon reduction. By carefully replacing old components with new, more energy-efficient ones, we assist our customers in lowering their carbon emissions and help them make significant financial savings. Most importantly, the solutions we offer enable many more years of reliable service from existing plant.

Would you like to know more about our HVAC products and services? Then contact Andrew Knight on 07850204915, email or visit our HVAC Services page.

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