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What is a general performance electric motor?

Here at Gibbons we aim to provide the most complete selection of machinery and services possible, which is why we complement our wide range of in-house products with ABB electric motors. Today we’re asking what exactly an ABB general performance motor is and who it’s ideal for.

What is a general performance motor?

ABB general performance motors combine robustness, easy handling and expert engineering with convenient off-the-shelf availability. They come with a one-year warranty, have IE2 efficiency and are ideal for powering pumps, fans and compressors. They tend to be used in less demanding industries than those requiring process performance motors.

What designs are general performance motors available in?

They are supplied in either cast iron or aluminium frames and come in two, four or six-pole formats.

Who uses general performance motors?

General performance motors are needed by end users in industry and can be tailored to suit the needs of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) as a wide variety of elements can be added.

Does this make them expensive?

The beauty of these motors is that the customer pays only for the enhancements needed and used, meaning the motor is free from unnecessary elements. You can be assured of the outstanding quality of these motors but for that extra peace of mind they all come with a one-year warranty.

If you have any questions about Gibbons electric motors or ABB electric motors, give us a call on 01621 868138 or email Visit our Electric Motors page to view the full range.

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