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10 ways in which electric motors affect our daily lives

Following on from our blog on ABB’s video demonstrating the impact electric motors have on the modern world, we thought we’d pick 10 examples we noticed.

1. Water

We simply turn the tap on and water appears – but how many of us consider that electric motors are needed to power pumps which filter and move clean water to our homes?

2. Irrigation

Much of the food we eat is grown via modern irrigation methods – made possible by our friend the motor, of course.

3. Cars

The average car contains around 30 electric motors, controlling the windows, starter, windscreen wipers, air conditioning and wing mirrors to name just a few.

4. Oil rigs and processing plants

Modern oil drilling would be impossible without electric motors and neither would the operation of processing facilities to provide fuel for our cars and heat for our homes.

5. Mining

The extraction of coal, a vital fuel for electricity production, requires equipment such as cutting machinery, conveyor belts and shuttle cars.

6. Power stations

Power stations enable us to illuminate our homes at the flick of a switch – they need motors to power feed-water pumps, fuelling steam turbine generators that produce electricity.

7. Trains

That daily rail commute simply wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the train’s traction motor.

8. Ships

Thruster motors help propel ships through the water, enabling the global transportation of essential goods including cars, cement and food.

9. Shipping

Removing these goods, whether they’re in containers or bulk, requires shiploaders, conveyor belts and cranes all reliant on – you guessed it – electric motors.

10. Theatre

Even a visit to the theatre is influenced by motors, such as the curtain raising and scenery movement.

Did you spot any we missed? Why not let us know by commenting below?

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