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What is a process performance electric motor?

Gibbons are proud to provide the most complete selection of goods and services possible, which is why we complement our wide range of in-house products with ABB electric motors. Today we’re asking what exactly an ABB process performance motor is and who it’s ideal for.

What is a process performance motor?

Process performance electric motors are ABB’s leading products from their low-voltage range. They provide optimum versatility, reliability and efficiency in even the most challenging circumstances.

What designs are process performance motors available in?

We supply them in either cast iron or aluminium frames and in two, four or six-pole formats.

Who uses process performance motors?

Process performance motors are required by end users in continuous process industries, such as oil refineries, power stations and waste water treatment works. Their superior build quality means they can withstand even the most demanding industries, including paper, metals and mining.

Does this make them expensive to buy and run?

These low-voltage motors have been designed with the minimum possible environmental impact and lifecycle costs in mind, coming with IE2 efficiency as standard and IE3 as an option. They keep running costs to a minimum and ABB’s expert construction means you needn’t worry about unscheduled downtime. However, for that extra peace of mind they all come with three years’ warranty plus the opportunity to extend this to five years.

If you have any questions about Gibbons electric motors or ABB electric motors, give us a call on 01621 868138 or email Visit our Electric Motors page to view the full range.

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