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How to protect against control panel theft and vandalism

The increasing value of scrap metal has seen the theft of copper rise sharply in recent years. Copper cabling serving railway tracks, telecoms networks and electrical substations represents a significant payday for thieves willing to risk arrest, injury and even death to steal it.

Control panels situated in public access areas are also at threat from thieves as they house copper cables and other copper-containing components such as busbars. So how can you protect your panel from copper theft and vandalism? Here are a few top tips:

  • Install a handle with very narrow gaps to minimise access from screwdrivers and other small tools
  • Have a protective housing on the handle to prevent the lock cylinder from being forced through
  • Ensure the handle is flush to the door to prevent thieves from prying it off.

These are just some of the ways you can protect your motor control centres from theft and vandalism, and commissioning an expert panel builder such as Gibbons will ensure your installation is as safe and secure as possible.

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