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What is the difference between permanent capacitor and capacitor start capacitor run electric motors?

In single-phase electric motors, the stator windings are not capable of starting the rotor, but can sustain the motion once it begins. Therefore, in order to start a single-phase motor, a capacitor is used.

A capacitor is an electrical device which stores energy and used in an electric motor it can alter the current to the windings. This creates a rotating magnetic field and induces the motor to start – therefore the capacitor acts as a kind of switch.

But what do we mean by permanent capacitor and capacitor start capacitor run motors?

Permanent capacitor

A permanent capacitor motor has a capacitor connected in series with the start winding. Once the motor is started and has reached a certain speed, the capacitor is disconnected automatically.

Capacitor start capacitor run

A capacitor start capacitor run motor is one in which the capacitor remains ‘in circuit’ throughout both starting and running. This provides greater efficiency and smoother running, making these motors a popular choice for those seeking high performance and economical operation.

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