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Solve dust and odour issues on site with Gibbons' mobile atomiser

By their very nature the quarrying and mining industries create dust. To those working in these fields, inhaling fine respirable dust containing silica represents a serious health risk. Silica is found in most rocks, sands and clays and fine airborne particles may enter the respiratory tract. These particles are so tiny that they often aren’t visible to the naked eye, presenting a hidden risk to workers.

Exposure to silica dust over a number of years can lead to silicosis, a form of scar tissue in the gas exchange region of the lungs that leads to difficulties in oxygen uptake into the bloodstream. The effects of this can range from bronchitis and asthma to, in extreme cases, lung cancer. Therefore it is vital to have control measures in place that keep dust below harmful levels.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should always be used as a last resort, therefore simply supplying workers with dust masks is not an adequate way to deal with the presence of harmful airborne silica particles.

The most practical method of dealing with dust in quarries and mines is suppression, and on sites where mains water is available this is relatively straightforward. However, there are many locations where there is no fixed water supply, giving mine and quarry operators a real headache, particularly at a time when increasingly tight restrictions on air pollution have made dust suppression more important than ever.

In this case, a cost-effective solution can be to hire (or buy) a Gibbons mobile atomiser. This portable unit features a tank, extendable mast and fan, using rotary centrifugal energy to force liquid into a finely-atomised-mist. The mobile atomiser can be towed to, from and around a site, has its own water supply, is low maintenance and offers extensive coverage.

Some atomisers have a tendency to suffer from nozzle blockages, but Gibbons’ model addresses the issue by employing two opposing meshes that slice up the water into tiny droplets. This not only removes the need for filters but also means that droplets are dispersed at an optimum uniform size. This suppresses dust in even the most challenging environments as well as reducing the risk of Legionella exposure.

It isn’t just dust that can be an issue. Many processes create offensive odours that not only make life uncomfortable for workers, but can also prompt complaints from local residents.

Using a suitable odour elimination agent in the Gibbons mobile atomiser can remove unpleasant fragrances caused by ammonia, organic sulphur, hydrogen sulphide and nitrogen compounds. Rather than simply masking the smell, these agents combine physically with odour molecules, destroying them completely.

So whether you’re looking for a temporary, permanent or emergency solution to on-site dust and odour issues, the Gibbons mobile atomiser ticks all the boxes.

To find out how you can buy or hire our mobile atomiser, contact Matthew Gibbons on 01621 868138 or email

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