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Video: Electric motors used for ‘jet-powered’ snowboard!

Take a snowboard, four electric motors and a 30,000 rpm fan. Put them together and what do you have? Something that looks like great fun judging by this video!

The innovative Dreamscience Propulsion team have developed a ‘jet-powered’ snowboard for thrillseekers who want to take the sport to the extreme. The ‘thruster’, as it’s known, features four 8kW electric motors attached in pairs to either end of a 4-foot bar that the rider holds in front of them. The electric motors turn carbon fibre fans which produce a narrow column of air similar to a jet engine. To slow down or stop, the user applies reverse thrust by simply turning the device 180 degrees.

During testing, the thruster reached speeds of over 80 km an hour (50 mph) and produced 25kg of thrust for up to 5 minutes. The video below includes a point-of-view shot which proves that this ride is not for the faint hearted!

Gibbons’ electric motors are used for some pretty interesting applications across a number of industries, but we’re not sure we can top this!

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