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World Environment Day 2014: How we do our bit at Gibbons

June 5th 2014 marks World Environment Day, an annual event which sees the United Nations promote global awareness of environmental issues. It’s an occasion when all of us should think about our impact on the planet, but at Gibbons we’re well aware that our customers need to consider their carbon footprint every day of the year, not just one.

As part of our Green Efficiency initiative, we always look to offer our customers engineering solutions which are energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. Here’s how we do it in each of our divisions:

ABB Variable-Speed Drives

As members of ABB’s Authorised Value Provider scheme, we have access to a global network of products and expertise for variable-speed drives. This means we can recommend other products and services that could improve the energy efficiency of your plant or process. This ensures you get the ideal product for your application, keeping your carbon emissions to a minimum.

Electric Motors

Gibbons’ supply a huge range of ABB electric motors, along with our own brand, which conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC 60034 (rotating machinery), meaning they meet the latest efficiency regulations. With energy efficiency standards changing all the time, we keep our customers abreast of new European directives to ensure they reach increasingly stringent targets.

HVAC Services

When ordering from our HVAC Services division, the pre-purchase phase includes a thorough site energy appraisal which allows us to advise where the best opportunities are for reducing the impact of the building on its environment. In addition, our comprehensive programme of repair, refurbishment and retrofit is designed to upgrade customers’ equipment to new, more energy-efficient products.


Our atomiser systems are specially designed to offer a low-energy humidification solution, helping you reduce your carbon footprint – not to mention your costs.

Panel building

Gibbons’ extensive control panel service includes refurbishment and retrofit of existing systems in order to help you meet energy-efficiency targets.

Pumps & Controls

We’re available at each stage of a pump’s lifecycle to make sure your equipment maintains energy-efficient running, from routine servicing to major overhauls.

Transmission Systems

Gibbons’ range of transmission systems include a variety of gear arrangements such as worm gear motors, bevel gears and shaft-mounted gears, meaning we can match the right level of energy-efficiency to any application.

Rewinds & Repairs

We’ve been rewinding electric motors since 1969, and our expert engineers are more than capable of restoring your motor to its original efficiency. In fact, a rewind may actually increase a motor’s efficiency, so if it’s the most energy-efficient choice for you then that’s what we’ll recommend.

If you’d like to discuss how we can lower your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint, give us a call on 01621 868138 or email

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