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How do I achieve electric motor speed control?

Electric motors are an invaluable component in a huge number of industrial processes, but they do have the drawback of only being able to run at their design speed.

But what happens if your process requires many different running speeds from the same motor? In applications where a range of items are produced using the same machinery, such as food processing, the required speed will vary. It’s clearly not efficient to replace the electric motor every time the process changes, so another solution must be found. This is where the variable-speed drive comes in.

A variable-speed drive (often known as a variable-frequency drive or adjustable-speed drive) is an electronic device which allows the user to control the output speed of an electric motor.

Variable-speed drives also offer smooth start-up, which can eliminate belt, gear and bearing wear subjected during across-the-line starting, where full line voltage is applied.

This clever piece of equipment offers users the ability to significantly reduce energy costs and increase system production efficiency, with return on investment possible within 12 months.

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