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How to maintain a variable-speed drive

As with all electro-mechanical equipment, a variable-speed drive (VSD) needs to be looked after properly to ensure you get the best performance and longest service life from it. Here are five top tips for effective drives maintenance:

Check your motors first

It’s always a good idea to have your electric motors checked before installing a VSD. That way you can be assured that the motor is the right size and operating efficiently. Some old motor models may not be compatible with VSDs, although Gibbons offers a retrofit service which in most cases offers a solution.

Clear away the dust

Ensure your VSDs are dust free as particles not only absorb moisture but can also cause a lack of airflow, leading to poor performance from heat sinks and circulating fans. In some cases VSDs can be cleaned by discharging compressed air into them.

Keep it dry

VSDs should be treated the same as any electrical equipment and stored in a dry area with no equipment (e.g. dehumidifiers) above that may drip water onto them. Make sure drives can be well ventilated as humidity and overheating will lead to premature failure.

Maintain tight connections

Heat cycles and normal mechanical vibration can loosen connections, leading to arcing at the drive output. This can result in over-current faults or even damage to the power components. Poor connections may also cause a drive’s speed to fluctuate which in some applications can have serious safety implications.

Train your staff

Anyone operating a VSD should have been properly trained with all instructional paperwork stored safely for future reference. You’ll receive comprehensive training with a Gibbons installation, plus on-going support throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

These tips should help you keep your variable-speed drives in top working order, but for a full, bespoke service programme including preventive maintenance, reconditioning, on-site repair and technical support, Gibbons is here for you. Just give us a call on 01621 868138 or email and one of our expert engineers will be happy to help.

Variable-Speed Drives

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