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How to save money with a Gibbons energy appraisal

We understand that increasing energy efficiency and cutting costs are fast becoming a priority in many industries using motor-driven processes. That’s why we offer an extensive energy appraisal that presents the energy-saving potential of selected applications to end users.

An energy appraisal is carried out by a Gibbons engineer who can identify relevant applications that will produce energy-saving results. This identification helps the end user target their expenditure so it generates the highest possible savings and delivers the best return on investment.

Energy appraisals are suitable for processes with continuously-running variable-torque applications that obey the cube law, and where flow is controlled by a mechanical means such as valves or dampers. Typical applications include centrifugal fans and pumps.

A Gibbons energy appraisal is a comprehensive six-part process:

1. Outlining the appraisal’s scope

The appraisal begins with the visit of a Gibbons engineer who will get an understanding of the facility. This includes location of the applications, an inventory of motors, any health and safety restrictions as well as anything unusual that may affect the energy profile.

2. Monitoring and data collection

Whilst inspecting the facility, our engineer will identify typical applications that may be running inefficiently. The engineer examines any variable-speed drives and electric motors currently used, to see if the application is running at maximum efficiency. The selected applications may be monitored in order to accurately determine which ones are consuming the most energy.

3. Data analysis

Once the data has been collected, the results are analysed and potential savings identified. Findings are clearly presented, with tables and graphs being generated to help identify where savings can be made. This includes an estimate of present energy usage, areas of potential savings, payback time if an investment is made in variable-speed drives, carbon dioxide emission reduction, as well as many other key facts and analyses.

4. Recommendations  

An action plan is prepared, highlighting applications that offer the greatest savings. The figures will be translated into annual savings, and there will be detailed recommendations for fitting drives or motors.

5. Implementation  

Using the recommendations from the energy appraisal, Gibbons identifies the correct ABB drive for the application, which can be installed and commissioned by our team of expert engineers. This includes setting the correct parameters to ensure that the drive or motor is operating at its optimum energy efficiency.

6. Verification and follow‐up

Once new equipment is fitted, we’ll track the actual savings against the predictions shown in the report and make ourselves available to answer any of your questions.

If you’d like to arrange a Gibbons energy appraisal for your process or application, give us a call on 01621 868138 or email and we’ll set you on your way to substantial savings.

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