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Is remote monitoring available for ABB drives?

We’re always pleased to inform our clients that remote monitoring is available for ABB drives, as it’s an invaluable tool when regular site visits simply aren’t an option. Here we’ll explore the subject in a little more detail.

Remote monitoring is the sending of information back to the user from a distant location. The data that can be reported includes:

  • Energy consumption and savings
  • Electric motor condition
  • Predictive maintenance alerts
  • Faults and alarms
  • Diagnostics

Here are some of the options for remote monitoring of ABB drives:

Ethernet adapters

These devices offer browser-based monitoring and send data logs and event messages independently, removing the need for a programmable logic controller (PLC) or on-site computer. Users can be informed of the drive’s status via email or text message.

High-speed drive monitoring

The ABB DriveMonitor offers real-time access to a remote drive, responding when its status changes which enables early detection of problems. The tool also provides diagnostics, system optimisation and recording due to its memory which can store up to 12 months’ performance data.

Monitoring drives on existing networks

The ABB DriveBrowser software lets users observe the performance of any drive connected to an existing Ethernet network without the need to connect another ‘tools’ chain network on the site. Unique connections to networks of drives can be configured and saved, plus the operator can assign user-friendly names to each drive and save the network set-up for future connectivity.

For more information on remote monitoring for ABB variable-speed drives, call us on 01621 868138 or email and we’ll get right back to you.

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