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Reduce energy consumption by up to 60% with a variable-speed drive

Electric motors account for around 65% of industrial electricity demand so naturally it’s a key area when looking to reduce costs. An effective solution is to use a variable-speed drive (VSD), which provides end users with the opportunity to slash their energy consumption by as much as 60%. Taking a 90 kW motor in continuous duty as an example, annual savings of over £9,000 are achievable, meaning a VSD can pay for itself in a matter of months.

“Annual savings of over £9,000 are achievable”

Even a small reduction in the speed of a fan or pump can have a significant impact. For example, running at 80% instead of 100% may actually cut energy use in half. This is great, but why doesn’t running at 80% equate to an 80% saving? It’s because the torque needed to run a pump or fan is the square of the volume. So reducing the pump speed to, say, 80% only requires 64% of the torque (0.8 x 0.8). This means that to produce 64% of the torque only 51% of the power is needed (0.64 x 0.8), as the energy demand decreases in the same way.

“Running at 80% may cut energy use in half”

Gibbons’ variable-speed drives service includes performing a thorough energy appraisal to demonstrate the potential savings you could make. We’ll monitor, collect and analyse energy usage data from your application and make recommendations based on the results. To find out more, call us on 01621 868138 or email


Variable-Speed Drives

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