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What are the advantages of using variable-speed drives?

The variable-speed drive is an indispensable piece of equipment for a huge number of applications, such as fans, pumps, mixers and conveyors. But why exactly are these devices so invaluable? Find out as we reveal some of the advantages of variable-speed drives.

Energy savings

This is undoubtedly the main benefit of a variable-speed drive. Controlling an electric motor’s speed means the application consumes only as much energy as it needs to, keeping costs and carbon emissions to a minimum. ABB estimates that its drives across the world save about 115 million megawatt hours of electricity each year, the equivalent of 14 nuclear reactors.

Reduced maintenance costs

Starting, stopping and braking can easily be programmed to reduce stress on mechanical equipment, lowering maintenance expense in the process.

Quick return on investment

The cost of installing a variable-speed drive can normally be recouped via energy savings in less than a year. In some cases it’s as little as a few months.

Easily retrofitted into an installation

If you want to upgrade existing equipment which is mechanically controlled by a damper or valve, there’s no need to replace the whole system. Variable-speed drives are designed to be retrofitted into old machinery, providing a significant energy-efficiency improvement.

Real-time clock

This handy feature allows the user to easily set up programmes with different running speeds at selected times or on chosen days. This offers flexibility and means equipment does not need to be manually re-programmed every time a change is required.

Low harmonic solutions

Harmonics (current and voltage distortion) are a regular cause of power problems, but they may be reduced with variable-speed drives via filters and chokes.

You cans see that a variable-speed drive can solve many problems, so for more information give us a call on 01621 868138 or email to discuss your requirements.

Variable-Speed Drives

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