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What is an ABB industrial drive?

ABB industrial drives make up part of Gibbons’ extensive portfolio of variable-speed drives and include the ACS800 and ACS880 models. Read on to find out a bit more about these invaluable devices.

What is an ABB industrial drive?

ABB industrial drives are flexible AC drives designed for industrial applications. The series covers a wide range of powers and voltages up to 690 V and the drives can be tailored to the requirements of the application. Industrial drives are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy industry and offer outstanding reliability and lifespan.

Where can ABB industrial drives be used?

These drives are ideal for even the most onerous industrial applications and are commonly used in the pulp and paper, oil and gas, metals, mining, cement, power and chemical industries. You’ll find ABB industrial drives used to speed control cranes, winders, hoists, extruders and heavy conveyors among other machinery.

Benefits of ABB industrial drives

Tough but clever

The robust enclosure (which can be specified to match the application) houses the direct torque control (DTC) system, ABB’s premium motor control platform. DTC enables full torque at zero speed without an encoder which results in consistently outstanding performance.

Adaptive programming

Units come fitted with a small programmable logic controller (PLC), so there’s no need for additional hardware or PC tools. The drive is highly flexible and can be adapted depending on the demands of the application.

Range of hardware variants

An innovative range of hardware options means that these drives can be fitted anywhere. There are variants for wall-mounted, cabinet-built, free-standing and liquid-cooled drives among others.

Compact size

The handy size of these fully-enclosed drives means no extra space, cabling or installation time is required.

Dedicated software loading packages

These packages incorporate fully-researched industry-specific software to support and solve the application with ease.

If you’d like us to quote you for an ABB industrial drive, give Drives Manager Alan Roberts a call on 07966468430 or email

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