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5 benefits of using a submersible pump

Submersible pumps are one of our most popular products, but what are the advantages of these devices? Here are five benefits of using a submersible pump:

1. Convenience

A submersible pump is lightweight and easy to handle, so there are no issues about getting it from A to B. Compare this with the logistics of getting a heavy-duty pump in and out of a vehicle and putting it in position.

2. Quietness

As a submersible pump is immersed in water, it’s much less noisy than an above-ground pump. This makes life easier for domestic users because submersible pumps are often used in residential areas where noise levels are a concern.

3. Efficiency

Because it’s submerged in the liquid being pumped, a submersible pump expends less energy than a unit that’s placed above ground and therefore further away. Another benefit is that concerns over the effects of water damage are eradicated because a submersible pump is completely watertight.

4. Safety

Safety is just as important to domestic pumps users as it is to commercial operators. A submersible pump is one of the safest of its kind because any of the dangerous components are hidden underwater. This helps keep them out of the reach of inquisitive children who might be able to tamper with a more accessible pump. The risk of electrical shorting is also removed thanks to the pump’s watertight gasket.

5. Self-priming

Water pumps aren’t capable of pumping air, so most pumps located above ground need priming before use. Filling the pump with water before it’s activated displaces any air and initiates the pumping action.

Gibbons supply an extensive range of submersible pumps, including dirty water pumps and clean water pumps, to suit domestic and industrial applications from emptying swimming pools to sewage treatment, agriculture and meat processing. We’re pleased to stock submersible pumps from industry leaders Lowara and T-T Pumps, so whether you’re cleaning a pond or shifting sewage, we’ve got it covered.

For more information about Gibbons’ range of high-performance submersible pumps, call Matthew Gibbons on 07970676272 or email

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