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5 fascinating facts about pumps

As a supplier of a wide range of high-performance electro-mechanical equipment, we know a thing or two about pumps. However, even these interesting facts surprised us! Take a look for yourself…

1. Pumps account for a massive 10% of the world’s electricity consumption, a figure which could be reduced if more pumps were controlled by variable-speed drives.

2. An upgraded pump system running at optimal efficiency has a payback time of between one and five years. For businesses with a long-term vision, this investment’s a clear-cut decision.

3. Over 20% of the power consumed by electric motors in Europe is used to drive pumps.

4. The chemical industry is a huge user of pumps, with a study in Germany revealing there are an average of 1.25 pumps for every employee in the sector.

5. If energy-efficient pumping systems were installed worldwide, global electricity consumption could be reduced by 4%.

It’s clear that the serious financial implications of an inefficient pump system heavily outweigh the cost of an upgrade or investment in new equipment. So if you’d like to make your pump systems more energy efficient and save money, give Matthew Gibbons a call on 07970676272 or email for expert advice and a competitive quote. 

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