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8 everyday places you'll find water pumps

You may be aware that here at Gibbons we supply a wide range of water pumps, including submersible pumps, swimming pool pumps and various models from industry leaders Lowara. But did you also know that water pumps can be found in all manner of domestic applications? Here are eight everyday places you’ll find water pumps.

Electric shower

Pumps are used in some shower systems to help increase water pressure, which is always welcome when you need help to wake up in the morning!


A mixture of water and detergent is circulated by a pump which blasts it at those dirty dishes and leaves them gleaming!

Washing machine

This indispensable appliance is filled and emptied throughout its cycle thanks to the humble water pump.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool pumps keep the water clean by constantly moving it through a filtration system. They come in various sizes depending on the volume of water in the pool.


The average motor car contains several water pumps, including those for the windscreen washer fluid, air conditioning and engine coolant. That’s not to mention pumps for fuel and oil.

Garden pond

Many ponds have pumps fitted to create fountain or waterfall effects and also to circulate and aerate the water to maintain the health of inhabitants such as fish and other wildlife.

Fridge freezer

Those huge American-style fridge freezers not only hold a LOT of food, they also contain a pump to supply cold drinking water and produce ice on demand.

Fish tank

Fish tanks contain a small pump which circulates and filters the water to simulate a natural environment and keep the fish within healthy.

Find out about our range of submersible pumps, swimming pool pumps and centrifugal pumps by calling 01621 868138 or you can email and we’ll get right back to you.

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