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Gibbons' quick guide to buying a pump

Whether you’re after a submersible pump, swimming pool pump or self-priming pump, ordering isn’t always a straightforward process. That’s because there are so many pump types and pump suppliers out there, plus costs tend to vary widely. However, armed with the right information you should be able to buy a pump with confidence that you’re getting the ideal model as well as the best value for your money. Here are a few top tips to help you make the right choice.

Calculate the flow rate

Your supplier needs to know the work the pump will be doing and the type of environment it will be operating in, with flow rate being an important factor. Flow rate measures how much fluid is moving through your system and at what speed. It’s normally measured in litres or gallons per minute.

Work out the total head

Total head is the amount of pressure the pump needs to do its job, be it moving liquid up over an elevation, forcing it against the friction of the pipe or supplying pressure at the end of the system. An overrated pump will be inefficient and consume much more electricity than required, so it’s important to get this right.

What is to be pumped?

Specify exactly what it is you intend to pump, mentioning characteristics such as:

  • Viscosity of the liquid. This will determine how powerful the pump should be.
  • Chemical content. Acidic or corrosive fluids can damage certain pump parts.
  • Temperature. Moving liquid that’s outside the pump’s rated temperature will damage components.
  • Solids. If the liquid contains solids, are they stable? You should also consider abrasiveness, as rough materials will cause wear to the pump unless it’s made out of the appropriate materials. State whether the solids need to be macerated before discharge – certain pumps have a grinding element for this.

Consider how the pump will be powered

Provide information on the pump’s power source and whether the unit will be sited indoors or outdoors.

If you’re unsure about your pump requirements and would like some expert help before ordering, give Matthew Gibbons a call on 07970676272 or email

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