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Do you need to save money on crop storage? Gibbons Humidification can help

The market price of crops depends on many factors including weather conditions, demand and energy costs. For farmers, the first two can’t be influenced, but the last one certainly can, and that’s where humidification comes in.

Once crops have been harvested, particularly those such as potatoes and salad vegetables, they must be kept fresh, which is achieved by introducing artificial cooling to the store. However, rapid cooling can cause crops to be damaged, so moisture may be added to the air to provide a balance. Warm-air humidification systems can prove problematic as the constant fluctuation of cooling and heating produces a significant energy demand – much of which is unnecessary and avoidable.

So what’s the solution? Adiabatic humidification is a cool-air system which helps maintain a better balance and eradicates the inefficient cycle of cooling and misting. Managing humidification via timers within a control panel allows users a consistent level of humidity to be maintained and energy usage to be minimised.

Gibbons’ adiabatic humidification systems are used for all manner of applications, no matter what size. Our rotary atomiser works by spinning at high speed, distributing water as an ultra-fine mist which ensures wide, accurate coverage. This robust, reliable system can be integrated into an existing HVAC setup and payback is achievable in as little as 12 months. Our humidifiers have been installed to complete customer satisfaction around the world, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with Gibbons.

Find out more about how Gibbons’ could be saving you money with our energy-efficient adiabatic humidifiers by calling Steve Rix on 07966 423165 or email


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