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Electric motors and drives: Shop around or get a complete system?

When embarking on a project requiring electromechanical equipment, many users are faced with the dilemma of whether to shop around for individual components or order all their parts from one supplier.

Taking variable-speed drives as an example, it’s common for users to select a drive from one supplier and the enclosure through another. Should the drive overheat, though, the equipment itself is usually blamed when in reality it’s more likely to be an inadequate enclosure at fault. If both parts had been bought from, and installed by, a single supplier then the required air flow could have been ascertained from the beginning.

In our experience, users like to choose an electric motor that’s a size higher than their application demands in order to give themselves some leeway. However, if the customer passes their plans on to another party, they may also add another size on for the same reason, meaning that via a communication breakdown, the motor becomes two sizes too large. An oversized motor is not only at risk of overheating, but it will also be inefficient and therefore cause avoidable expense. Using one supplier for the whole job eradicates the risk of such a mix-up.

When a complex system involving electric motors, variable-speed drives, control panels, pumps and fans is being designed, co-ordinating individual suppliers to ensure everything is compatible can be extremely time consuming. By handing the project over to one provider, the customer has a single point of contact where all departments concerned are likely to be under one roof and in constant communication with each other. Using separate providers can leave the customer acting as a frustrated ‘middleman’, passing messages between suppliers in order to maintain communication.

So it’s clear that taking your project to one provider who can handle the entire job will ultimately be the most economical and time-efficient solution, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Gibbons Engineering Group is made up of eight separate divisions including Humidification, HVAC, Pumps & Controls and Panel Building. We have 45 years’ experience providing a bespoke package of products and services across a wide range of sectors, including industrial, commercial and agricultural. Because all our departments are based at a single location, our customers need to make just one call, no matter what aspect of the job their enquiry is about.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can take care of your entire project, our expert engineers are available to talk on 01621 868138 or you can email

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