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Gibbons reduces running costs at Cardinal Place development in London

As part of commercial property giant Land Securities’ commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by 30% by 2020, Cardinal Place in Westminster, London has installed a rotary humidification system manufactured by Gibbons Humidification. 

Cardinal Place previously used a traditional steam system, which as well as consuming large amounts of energy also required a high degree of maintenance. Wanting to drive down the costs, Paul Camsell and Kevin Barrett from Land Securities decided to test a new system and approached Gibbons for help.

Gibbons installed a replacement rotary system which works on an adiabatic principle, meaning heat is not added or taken out of the system. The Gibbons humidifier works by atomising water to an ultra-fine mist in the airstream and because no cooling is required, the rotary system uses less than 1% of the energy consumed by a traditional steam system.

“With a Gibbons humidification system, costs are significantly reduced,” says Steve Rix, Managing Director of Gibbons Humidification.

“The system is much more cost effective to run, requiring less energy than a traditional setup. Maintenance requirements are also reduced.”

“As soon as the system was up and running it was obvious it was generating additional savings,” says Paul Camsell, who is Technical Services Manager for Land Securities.

“We’re not using energy to raise steam for humidification and we don’t have to cool the humidified air to achieve satisfactory supply conditions. Initial indications from Palace Street indicate substantial savings in energy.”

Over a 20-year lifecycle, a steam system can cost nearly £180,000 to maintain, while an equivalent rotary system will cost just over £100,000 in maintenance fees. Combined with a reduction in energy consumption, we think you’ll agree the savings are significant.

If you have a humidification systems enquiry then call Steve Rix on 07966423165, email or visit our divisional page.


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