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How do humidifiers help eliminate static electricity?

Among the various hazards faced in the processing industry, static electricity isn’t always considered by end users. However, in manufacturing environments such as textiles, printing and car production, the build-up of static can cause the following problems:

  • Reduced productivity
  • A drop in product quality
  • Damage to electronic equipment
  • Uncontrolled sparks, leading to safety issues.

Because air moisture level is a significant factor in static electricity build up, humidifiers are very useful for eliminating it. Maintaining a relative humidity (RH) of 55% means the moisture content of the air acts as a natural conductor and causes potential static charge to be earthed. At 45-55% RH, static can still generate but some of it is earthed via the air’s moisture content. Below 45% RH, friction will create a static charge which may lead to some of the problems mentioned above. Therefore at 55% RH or above, static cannot build up.

Using industrial humidifiers with precision control systems means that concerns about static electricity can be forgotten and managers can focus on other areas of their process. Along with industrial and commercial humidifiers, Gibbons provides comprehensive lifecycle services to help you get the most energy-efficient performance from your equipment. For all humidification system enquiries, call Steve Rix on 07966423165 or email


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