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How humidifiers helped build your car

You may be surprised to hear that the manufacture of cars and other vehicles relies partly on the performance of humidifiers. So what part do humidification systems play in automotive manufacturing?

Spray booths

To prevent water-based paint from evaporating and to achieve a consistent, high-quality finish, a paint spray booth needs to have a relative humidity (RH) of 72%. Having a car pass quality checks first time avoids the need for costly and time-consuming re-sprays.

Sand decks

In this environment it’s important to eliminate static so that dust may run off the bodywork rather than be attracted to it, enabling a smooth, blemish-free finish. The ideal RH to achieve this is 55%, meaning the moisture in the air alters the electrical charge of the dust to make it the same as the vehicle’s surface.

Engine testing

Because cars are sold around the world, they must be designed to withstand a huge range of humidities and temperatures. Humidifiers that can emulate extreme conditions are used during engine testing, normally installed as part of the existing air conditioning system.

Gibbons supplies humidifiers to suit a range of applications, with our rotary atomisers installed across the UK and beyond. For all enquiries regarding industrial humidification systems and services, call Steve Rix on 07966423165 or email


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