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Revealed: the real cost of electric motor ownership

Rather than simply focussing on the purchase price of an electric motor, it’s important to look at the bigger picture and consider all associated costs. Here are a few outgoings you should consider before choosing that cheaper motor.

Purchase price

Of course, the initial cost of the motor is a factor, and the fact that the person who orders it probably isn’t the one paying the energy bill can be an issue. This is because it’s common for the person selecting the motor to be under pressure to achieve their budget, so they attempt to reduce costs by ordering a cheaper model. However, it’s likely that the motor will be less energy efficient and in the long run the additional energy costs will make it a more expensive choice.

Running costs

A motor in continuous operation will typically consume more than 400 times its purchase price in energy costs over a 20-year period, which is why long-term thinking is essential when the initial order is placed. Calculate the energy consumption of a premium motor and compare it to that of a more basic model – the difference may surprise you.

Downtime cost

A cheap, unreliable motor will be more prone to failure than a premium version. Lengthy breakdowns caused by an inferior motor can cost thousands as the expense of lost production increases with every minute your process is out of action. Over several years, a reliable motor will more than pay for itself if it keeps your application running, unlike an inefficient one that lets you down on a regular basis.

Maintenance cost

Getting the longest and best-quality performance from your electric motor means spending money on maintenance and, if necessary, repairs. This will vary widely depending on the size of the motor and the frequency of use. In some cases the cost of motor repair or rewind means buying new is the more economical solution, but it’s always worth enquiring about this first.

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