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5 essential HVAC maintenance tips

In the UK’s commercial sector we rely heavily on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to keep building occupants comfortable and healthy. Therefore, it's wise to undertake regular maintenance of HVAC equipment to ensure the best possible performance from it. Here are five top tips for looking after your HVAC system.

Inspect fans, bearings and belts

Cleaning fan blades of dust ensures efficient performance, and you should also inspect bearing lubrication. Look for heat, noise or vibration coming from bearings which indicates excessive wear. Misaligned and loose belts can fail prematurely so these should retain the correct tension. Too loose and the belt will slip; too tight and the demand on the motor and fan shaft bearings will be too great.

Clean evaporator and condenser coils

Coils are an ideal breeding ground for mould and should this build up then that notorious ‘dirty sock’ smell will soon be evident. Once mould begins to accumulate it can be very difficult to clean, so coils should be checked at least annually but preferably twice a year. Aggressive chemicals should be avoided and antimicrobial treatments are available which interrupt the growth of mould.

Check area around air intake

Water may collect around air handling units (AHUs) which leads to mould, so check every six months for stagnant water around the air intake.

Replace filters

The frequency of filter replacement largely depends on the usage of your system. If your HVAC equipment is running continuously, you may need to change filters as often as every month. However, for lower-usage systems it may only need doing every six months. Check the filters regularly for a couple of months and set the frequency of filter changes accordingly.

Clean air ducts

Ducts should be checked and cleared of dirt and debris every other year to maintain energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

HVAC maintenance can be a time-consuming process and, if carried out incorrectly, could lead to equipment problems and jeopardise indoor air quality. Gibbons’ expert engineers offer a professional HVAC services programme to ensure every element of your air-handling system is properly maintained. You’ll increase the operational life of your equipment, it’ll be more energy-efficient, running costs will be reduced and building occupants will enjoy the best-quality air possible.

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