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Control panel cabinets: 5 things to consider

Before committing to a control panel cabinet installation, here are five quick points you may want to think about.

1. Sizing

You should always overestimate when it comes to cabinet depth, and a measurement of 1,000mm provides sufficient space between the back of the server and the rear door. By oversizing you’re also future-proofing your cabinet as the extra space allows for later expansion. As a result, you’ll enjoy a greater return on investment (ROI) because the cabinet will need to be replaced less frequently.

2. Security

The security arrangements for cabinets range from swinghandles to electronic keypads with a personal identification number (PIN). Consider the implications of unauthorised access to your cabinet and implement security accordingly. For example, data centre cabinets represent a high security risk and may demand technology such as fingerprint recognition or iris scanning.

3. Cooling and climate control

Depending on your application, regulating the temperature in the cabinet may be critical. You don’t want to suffer downtime due to excess heat or moisture in your cabinet damaging components. Thermostatically-controlled fans usually suffice, which should be positioned at ‘hot spots’ i.e. adjacent to variable-speed drives. For cabinets subjected to extreme heat, integrated air-conditioning systems are available.

4. Power distribution

Power distribution units (PDUs) are an essential element of a control panel cabinet installation and increasing energy demand per unit means you should allow enough room for this equipment. It’s worth considering fitting lockable sockets to help avoid issues caused by human error. Intelligent PDUs are available to let managers view power consumption in real time and make decisions based on accurate information.

5. Consult the experts

The design and planning stages are crucial to any successful control panel cabinet installation, so it’s advisable to speak to a leading supplier and installer to ensure your requirements are met. An experienced company will foresee any potential problems and help you have the correct equipment installed first time.

For design, supply and installation of control panel equipment, Gibbons is a safe choice. Our expertise and reliability is complemented by flexibility which means we’ll work around your schedule to minimise disruption. For more information, give Barry Horsfall a call on 01621 868138 or email

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