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HVAC checklist: 5 ways you can improve your building's indoor air quality

If you’re responsible for your building’s HVAC system then you’ll know that indoor air quality is a serious issue. There’s a lot to consider when providing a healthy, hygienic working environment for building occupants, so we’ve got five handy tips to get you started.


You should first ensure your filters are adequate for the system they’re being used in. Air filters in the UK are graded in accordance with BS EN 779 and BS EN 1822 legislation. Filters are classified depending on their resistance to particles of dust and other debris, so make sure your supplier knows what the building is used for. It’s important to produce and follow a written procedure for the regularity of filter changes and routine inspections.


Ensure thermostats are set in the ‘on’ position rather than ‘auto’. In ‘auto’ mode, the HVAC system will only provide fresh outdoor air when the thermostat demands it, so if the temperature within the building remains steady then no fresh air is supplied.

Drain pans

These collect and dispose of moisture from the coils, so it’s vital they’re kept clear of blockages such as rust, organic matter and foreign objects. Drain pans must be designed to slope sufficiently towards the drain and if this is ineffective then a replacement or redesign may be required.


If a humidifier integrated into a HVAC setup isn’t functioning properly, moisture may enter other areas of the system and cause microbial growth and even structural damage. Check your humidifiers for mechanical and structural stability and cleanliness every quarter.

Cooling coils

Cooling coils need to be inspected regularly and cleaned of dirt and moisture, because if neglected this combination can result in the growth of fungi and bacteria. Cleaning frequency depends on the age, operation and usage history of the HVAC system.

Here at Gibbons we not only supply and install bespoke HVAC systems, we also offer a comprehensive programme of service, repair and maintenance to keep your equipment efficient and reliable. For more information on how we can look after your air-conditioning system, give our HVAC Services Manager Andrew Knight a call on 07850 204915 or email

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