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MEI: Are you ready for the new EU pump legislation?

There’s been a lot of publicity in recent months about the forthcoming EU MEPS electric motor legislation changes, due to take effect in January. But did you know that there are also new rules coming into force for pumps? Here’s everything you need to know.


The European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) was introduced to lower the energy consumption of certain products sold in the EU. As part of this scheme, the EU minimum energy performance standards (EU MEPS) have been implemented, which target the design stage of a vast array of products. Equipment falling under EU MEPS includes everything from televisions to electric motors, with pumps also considered.

What is MEI?

The minimum efficiency index (MEI) defines the lowest acceptable efficiency level which must be met by pump manufacturers. An initial cut-off point was introduced on 1 January 2013 and the second stage comes into effect on 1 January 2015. The index value, when multiplied by 100, relates to the percentage of pumps in the market which do not meet regulations. So, for example, an MEI of 0.2 or greater means that the pump exceeds the efficiency of 20% of pumps currently on the market.

The original 2013 stage allowed all pumps with an MEI of 0.1 or above to be sold. However, from 1 January 2015, pumps must have an MEI of 0.4 or greater, meaning that 40% of pumps will be classed as inefficient and excluded from the market.

How is MEI calculated?

MEI is calculated at three different points on the pump curve:

1. Best efficiency point (BEP) – when the pump runs at maximum hydraulic efficiency

2. Part load point – 75% of BEP flow

3. Overload point – 110% of BEP flow.

What do I need to do by 1 January 2015?

Although pumps that enter the market prior to the deadline can be sold and put into operation legally, businesses should be aiming to fall in line with MEI promptly. That means ensuring any pumps you buy or use from now on should comply.

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