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UVC technology increases indoor air quality and HVAC system life

This week at Gibbons we’ve been focusing on indoor air quality (IAQ) and yesterday we wrote about traditional methods of improving or managing IAQ. Today we’re continuing the theme by discussing the use of ultraviolet-C (UVC) emitters within air handling systems to improve air quality.

UVC technology has been around for many years, used with great success in the water industry. The effectiveness of UVC as a sanitiser means we’re now seeing it increasingly used within air handling units.

The coils in a HVAC system are an ideal breeding ground for mould, bacteria and viruses which present health risks and operational issues. Fitting UVC emitters in the AHU means within a matter of days mould and germs that build up on the cooling coil surface and within the drain pan are eradicated, resulting in clean, healthy air.

Gibbons have been working with E-CO, a leader in high-intensity ultraviolet germicidal solutions for HVAC, utilising their Steril-Aire UVC emitters. These use germicidal UVC energy to clean HVAC coils, drain pans and ductwork, which significantly improves indoor air quality and extends equipment life.

We recently responded to a client complaining of musty smells and odours (known as dirty sock syndrome!) within their building. These were traced back to the HVAC system and we identified the UVC system as the ideal solution. We supplied and installed the UVC system into the AHU and we continue to monitor the improvements that have been made. You’ll hear more about this in a future blog!

We live in an age where the highest standard of indoor air quality is demanded, which means preventing the re-circulation of viruses, bacteria and germs. Utilising UVC technology within AHUs, along with routine maintenance, is a significant step towards improving indoor air quality, reducing staff absenteeism, increasing productivity and reducing energy costs.

So how does it work?

UVC (also known as UVGI) energy eradicates surface biofilm/mould as well as airborne viruses and bacteria. UVC in HVAC systems constantly kills biofilms and stop them from re-growing on the cooling coil heat-exchange plates. This reduces resistance to airflow and significantly increases thermal efficiency, resulting in energy savings of 10-20%.

Gibbons, as well as being a supplier of HVAC equipment, offers a comprehensive supply and installation package and can implement UVC technology in both new and existing AHUs.

For more information on reducing energy consumption in your business, please call Gibbons’ HVAC Services Manager Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email

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