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What is causing my air con leak?

Here we diagnose a common HVAC problem as we look at five reasons why air conditioners leak water.

Pump fault

If your air conditioner is fitted with a pump to discharge excess water, it’s a good place to start should your unit develop a leak. First check the power supply is working, and if so you should next check the electric motor. If the motor seems fine then it’s likely the pump has developed a fault. In many cases it will be cheaper to simply replace the pump rather than have it repaired, but this is something you should discuss with a supplier before making a decision.

Blocked drain hole

Sometimes air conditioning leaks can be down to something simple such as clogged drain holes. Over time drain holes gather small deposits of dirt and dust and eventually these cause a blockage, leading to pooling and leaking of water. Regularly check drain holes and clear if necessary.

Poor installation

If your air-conditioning system hasn’t been fitted properly, you’ll soon discover problems including water leakage. If the unit isn’t level or there is too much pressure, water begins to pool and eventually spill out. Get a competent, trusted supplier to inspect your equipment and make necessary alterations.

Air leak

Should your air conditioning system have defective seals, too much warm air may enter it. The moisture in the warm air condenses when it meets the cold air within the unit, with the excess moisture pooling and eventually leaking out. Ensure the seals are tight and you’ll enjoy a far greater level of efficiency from your unit.

Restricted air flow

Air-conditioning units draw air in, which means that filters can quickly become clogged with dust and debris. As a result, the condensation on the unit’s evaporator coil may freeze and the build-up of ice causes water to spill out of the condensation pan and out of the air-conditioning unit. Filters must be changed on a regular basis to avoid the build-up of debris.

Whatever’s causing your air con leak, you can rely on Gibbons HVAC Services division to sort it out promptly and professionally. Gibbons not only install HVAC systems for industrial and commercial applications, we also provide life-cycle services including repair, maintenance and upgrade. For more information on how we can help you, call Andrew Knight on 07850 204915 or email   

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