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5 quick and easy ways to save money in commercial buildings

At a time when electricity costs are rising and there’s growing pressure on businesses to increase energy efficiency, it can be hard to find the resources to make significant usage cuts. However, reducing energy consumption needn’t mean making large, expensive changes – with just a few small adjustments you can make a big difference. Take a look at these five simple ways to cut your energy costs.

Get the basics right

It’s easy to get into bad habits and many staff will automatically put heating or cooling on when they arrive for work, regardless of whether or not it’s needed. This can result in heating fighting cooling or even running with windows open. Make occupants aware of energy costs and consumption to encourage best practice. Also ensure that lights along with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are deactivated at evenings and weekends if the building is unoccupied.

Control systems training

Control systems are often much less user friendly than they ought to be, so if occupants are unable to operate the system they may simply put up with uncomfortable conditions. By providing training along with simple instructions and diagrams, occupants can adjust temperature and lighting with confidence and enjoy a more comfortable environment.

Flexible dress code

During warmer months, reduce the need for artificial cooling by allowing occupants to dress according to the weather. In industrial environments this may not always be possible due to PPE (personal protective equipment) requirements, but for office staff a relaxation of the dress code in the summer will make them much more comfortable. This should result in increased productivity and reduced air conditioning demand.

Lights out

Lighting can be responsible for as much as a third of a commercial building’s energy consumption, so it offers an opportunity for significant savings to be made. Switching lighting systems to LED and controlling with timers and sensors requires an initial investment, but this can be recouped quickly in energy savings.

Building management systems

Keep energy use to a minimum by installing a building management system (BMS). BMSs are computer-controlled systems that control and monitor the energy consumption of lighting and HVAC systems. The data collected by a BMS can be used to identify areas where energy consumption is excessive and make efforts to reduce it.

Gibbons’ Green Efficiency division provides products and services designed to save energy in buildings and process systems. We stock energy-efficient electric motors, variable-speed drives, HVAC systems, pumps and more. Our extensive efficiency services include energy audits, thermal imaging, Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) advice and action plans to help you reduce energy consumption.

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