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5 ways to avoid being caught out by the IE3 change

The new standard for the energy efficiency of electric motors sold in Europe comes into effect on January 1 2015. From that day, 7.5 – 375 kW motors must be rated at IE3 or IE2 if coupled with a variable-speed drive. With just eight weeks remaining until the new legislation is introduced, it’s time to take action. Here are five tips to make sure you’re ready for New Year’s Day.

Assess your motor stock

Any IE1-rated motors should be moved on as soon as possible and stock replenished with IE3 models. If you don’t already maintain detailed records then this is a good opportunity to start doing so!

Review installed motors

Conduct a thorough site assessment of installed motors and arrange for non-compliant ones to be replaced. This can be done as part of a wider motor appraisal which also looks at energy use, maintenance needs and estimated repair costs.

Contact your electric motor supplier

Inform your motor supplier that you no longer wish to receive IE2 motors and liaise with them on a schedule for phasing these out and ordering IE3 models in future.

Plan expenditure accordingly

Upgrading to IE3 motors means sufficient capital will need to be allocated. Once you’ve determined how many motors will need to be replaced and spoken to your supplier about price, you can make decisions about capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Amend your motor management policy

To ensure that whoever orders electric motors is aware of the new standard, upgrade your motor management policy. It’s also worth including future legislation changes, such as the third phase which comes into force on January 1 2017 and states that motors with a rated output of 0.75 – 375 kW must meet IE3 or IE2 with a variable-speed drive.

If you haven’t the time to action all these yourself, then Gibbons is on hand to take care of everything for you. Our team of expert engineers can take care of everything, from site motor appraisals to installation of IE3 motors, ensuring you enjoy a smooth transition to the new standard. For more information, call Paul Scott on 01621 868138 or email

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