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What is a display energy certificate (DEC)?

Non-domestic buildings are responsible for a fifth of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. As part of measures to reduce the carbon footprint of such buildings, display energy certificates (DECs) have been introduced.

Since October 2008, UK public buildings with a total useful floor area of over 500m² have been required to permanently exhibit a display energy certificate (DEC).

What is a DEC?

DECs aim to raise awareness of energy use and provide information for visitors to public buildings. A DEC includes the building’s energy rating which is on a scale from A to G (where A is very efficient and G is the least efficient). These ratings are based on the energy use of the building over the previous 12 months. A DEC must be no smaller than A3 in size.

Where do I get a DEC?

You must acquire a DEC from an authorised energy assessor who will analyse your energy consumption data and calculate the building’s operational rating. In subsequent years, as long as you declare that nothing has changed, the DEC can be based on the original assessment.

What action do I need to take once a DEC is issued?

Aside from displaying the certificate, you are under no obligation to take further action even if your energy rating is poor. However, we strongly advice you heed any recommendations in order to improve the building’s energy efficiency, reduce your fuel bills and enhance the public’s perception of your business.

What happens if I don’t display a DEC?

Failure to display a DEC carries a penalty of £500 which can be issued by a local authority. If you are not in possession of a valid advisory report, you may be fined £1,000. These penalties can be appealed if you’re able to prove that all reasonable action has been taken to comply with legislation.

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