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5 Christmas presents for your ABB drives

Christmas is but a week away, and besides all that over-eating and drinking, it’s a time for giving and receiving. So if you’ve received reliable, efficient service from your ABB variable-speed drives this year, then now’s a great time to give a bit back. Here are five gifts you can give your variable-speed drives this winter.

Tighten up

Heat cycles and unavoidable mechanical vibration can loosen connections, leading to arcing at the drive output. This can result in over-current faults or even damage to the power components. Poor connections may also cause a drive’s speed to fluctuate, which can have serious safety implications. Check connections and tighten those that are loose.

Filter changes

Blocked filters lead to potential harmful overheating, so clear them of dust with compressed air, or change them altogether.

Moisture control

As with any electrical equipment, condensation can result in premature drive failure, so keep heaters on during shutdown to ensure moisture can’t form on components.

Fan check

Ensure your ABB drives are being kept at a safe, consistent temperature by checking cooling fans for dust, dirt and obstructions and cleaning if necessary.

Ease them back to work

We all know that getting back to work after the Christmas break can be a shock to the system, and drives are no different! Prior to re-starting your plant or process, give your drive five minutes to warm up after turning it back on.

If you’d like your VSDs to be comprehensively serviced, get in touch with Gibbons. We offer an extensive ABB drives maintenance service to keep your drives running efficiently and reliably through the winter. For more information, call Alan Roberts on 07966 468430 or email

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