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5 examples of bespoke humidification

As an installation and service provider for humidification systems, here at Gibbons we know that most projects will need to be tailored to integrate with the existing application. Here are five specialist situations where humidifiers are required:


In order to replicate Mediterranean surroundings, orchard rooms and orangeries must have humidity controlled accurately. Citrus fruits thrive in conditions of around 30-60% humidity, so a reliable system is essential for maintaining consistency.


Walk-in humidors, where cigars, cigarettes and tobacco are stored, require constant, stable humidity of around 68-72% to keep the product moist. If humidity exceeds 75% then there is a risk that tobacco beetles, a common pest, may hatch and attack the goods.

Art and antiques

Items stored and presented in museums and private collections – such as works of art and antique furniture – may perish if not kept in the right conditions. Precise humidification is essential for preserving such items, as picture frames and antique furniture may warp and brittle canvasses can crack or split in a dry environment.

Wine cellars

If wine corks are allowed to dry out, they can lose their capacity to provide an adequate seal (incidentally, this is why bottles are stored horizontally – so the wine is always in contact with the cork, keeping it moist). When this happens, the wine is liable to oxidise, leading to a loss of colour, flavour and aroma. High humidity may also cause a problem as too much moisture may damage the labels of wine bottles. A humidity of 75% is ideal in a wine cellar.

Musical instruments

As wood is subjected to changes in air moisture, it expands and contracts, which in the case of wooden stringed musical instruments can lead to cracks and the failure of joints and seams. The changing shape of an instrument means that the sound it produces is significantly affected, which for a musician is simply not acceptable. Experts recommend instruments are stored in 40-60% humidity

No matter how specialist your humidification requirement may be, Gibbons’ expert team will always find a solution. We’ve carried out humidifier installations, servicing and maintenance across Europe for clients in a wide range of sectors. For any enquiries, call Steve Rix on 07966423165 or email


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