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5 reasons to replace old variable-speed drives

As an environmentally-responsible company, we strongly recommend repairing and maintaining old machinery first and foremost, but there are always occasions when you’re better off buying new equipment. Variable-speed drives are no exception, and here we look at five reasons to replace your old drives.

Reduced running costs

As a drive clocks up operational hours over the years, the likelihood of a breakdown increases. If you have drives that require increasingly frequent repairs and maintenance to keep them in service, it may be more economical in the long term to replace them. You’ll also benefit from extended warranty, of course.

Improved motor control

Compared to an older device, a modern, state-of-the-art variable-speed drive can reduce electric motor losses by as much as 15%, meaning the user enjoys even greater control of their application.

Smaller size

In many applications, space for hardware is at a premium and any opportunity to create some room is beneficial. An up-to-date ABB drive can be as small as one third of the size of a unit just a few years older – and more powerful.

Up-to-date technology

Variable-speed drive technology moves so quickly that an upgrade can result in the energy consumption of applications such as fans and pumps drop by as much as 10%. Many new ABB drives come with the latest integrated features such as safe torque-off (STO) to Safety Integrity Level SIL3/PL as standard.

Greater reliability

As a drive becomes older and components are subjected to normal wear and tear, the potential for breaking down increases. All motor-driven applications require reliable performance, but for those where consistent operation is vital, a brand-new drive provides extra peace of mind.

While Gibbons offer a comprehensive programme of repair, servicing and maintenance for ABB drives, in some cases a replacement is the most cost-effective choice. As founder members of ABB’s Authorised Value Provider scheme, we have access to a global network of products and expertise for ABB drives, so we’re always able to source the latest equipment.

For more information on our extensive range of ABB drives, call Alan Roberts on 07966468430 or email

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