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EU MEPS electric motor legislation FAQs - part 2

Back in mid-November, we published some FAQs relating to the upcoming EU MEPS electric motor legislation. That legislation comes into effect in less than two weeks’ time, so we’ve answered some more common questions about the changes.

Are motors for explosive atmospheres covered by EU MEPS?

No. EU MEPS doesn’t currently include all IEC 60034-30-1 equipment, and explosive atmosphere motors are one of the exceptions. Future regulations may include these motors, but at present explosion-proof motors should be discounted.

Does EU MEPS cover brake motors?

No, but as with explosion-proof motors, these may well be included in future legislation. A preparatory energy-using products (EuP) study by the European Commission – named Lot 30 – suggests that brake motors will be included at a later date.

Can non-compliant motors be repaired and reinstated?

Yes. Under EU MEPS terms, repairing an electric motor and returning it to operation is not classed as ‘placing on the market’, so the normal legislation does not apply.

Are motors rated over 1,000 V included?

No, EU MEPS has not placed legislation on high-voltage motors. The Lot 30 preparatory study states that HV motors must first be assigned IE energy-efficiency classes before a future regulation is imposed.

How do I know that my motor complies with EU MEPS?

Ask your supplier for a test report, and also check the motor’s nameplate, which should be stamped with the motor’s IE rating. If this states IE3 then the motor definitely complies with EU MEPS, but if it’s marked as IE2 you must couple it with a variable-speed drive. Motors rated at IE2 should be accompanied by a warning that they must be used with a VSD. For example, ABB motors classed at IE2 will carry this sticker:

We hope that clears up a few more aspects of the forthcoming EU electric motor regulations. However, if there’s anything we’ve missed then feel free to give us a call on 01621 868138 or email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions about EU MEPS.

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